To be a craftsman of repairing luxury bags

“Bags are so important to women, so we want to be a happy craftsman, starting with our beloved bag.” Embracing the feelings of a craftsman, the post-80s generation and several colleagues resigned from the dazzling Internet business and began their entrepreneurial life with Bao.

“Because we want to use the hearts of the craftsmen to repair each bag, so the studio named Bao Zheng, to rescue the meaning of the bag.” Perhaps it’s the reason why you’ve been in the open Internet industry. You’re not as old and proud as a partner. You’re more frank and funny. In the early stage of business, where to find customers is a difficult problem. Because many people don’t know that bags can be repaired, or even though they have thought about repairing, they are scared away by the thousands of dollars of nursing fees in high-end shopping malls. “After a survey in the circle of friends, we removed the package from the definition of luxury goods, from 800 to two thousand or three thousand yuan in the mid-range bag, even the non – big but special emotional value to the owner of the bag, can spend two hundred or three hundred yuan to make it new.”

Soon, the bag that needs to be saved will come to the wind. After 10 months of opening, the originally spacious studio has been stuffed with all kinds of story bags. “The problem now is that customer demand has far exceeded our ability to receive orders.”

Women’s handbags are teemed with their charming style

It is not a exaggeration to say that this is a woman’s problem rather than a worldwide one. Throughout the fashion industry, several world-class brands can be achieved. In a large number of overseas consumer purchasing groups, bags have also become the biggest luxury consumption.

From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, it is explained that in the early primitive society, the division of labor between women and men was acquisition, while the division of labor between men was hunting. So the bag is an essential tool for women to collect. And psychologists say that a woman loves a bag, and the meaning of her subconscious may be a symbol of enhancing her sense of ownership and control.

If you ask a city white-collar woman, what is the first luxury item, most of the answers are: bag.

A girlfriend once told me, “the ultimate goal is to have one bag per year, at least one Hermes”.

For a lot of independent women, this is not a simple meaning to buy this sentence, but not to show their wealth through a bag, but more to show their own ability and independence, you can make money to buy bags, buy all kinds of luxury, live smart!

Bags are the most favorite stuff by women

At the end of May, when the luxury brands GUCCI (Gucci) and Burberry (Bo Baili) half off were sold, the two luxury stores were queued to see the Ji’nan women’s attitude to luxury brand bags. “From a fashion point of view, Jinan women’s attitude towards bags has also changed in recent years, from practicality to decoration, and young women pay more attention to the brand.” Liu Sha, color consultant of the Chinese fashion color association, said.

Five or six years ago, women bought a luxury bag or brand bag. The first thing to think about was not enough to install, but now more was considered to be able to wear clothes and more as an ornament. This is exactly the same with today’s fashion people’s Views: from the perspective of cost performance, bags are the most practical accessories.

So, for large bags, how many prices are women in Ji’nan? Liu Sha says, for the “white rich” class in Ji’nan, they love a big bag with a price of about 10 thousand to 40 thousand. Ji’nan women have different attitudes towards bags in different age groups. People aged 40-50 who can afford to buy big-name bags will not pursue that every bag is a big-name brand. They will choose one or two famous brands. After 85, after 90 “white rich beauty”, pay more attention to the brand and decoration of bags, economic capacity allows, will pursue each bag is a famous brand.

Why women are so fond of buying bags?

In terms of the practical function of the bag, it can hold as many objects as possible and liberate both hands. With bags, we always feel that carrying things or purchasing items are more convenient.

But why do men compare “bags” to bags?

Evolutionary psychologists believe that women like buying bags just like shopping malls, for historical reasons. In the primitive social period, the main division of labor for women is to collect, and in the process of collecting goods, nature is not a basket of collection. So, whenever they go out, they always take a basket of convenient items.

The original division of labor has evolved, and today, the women who are good at collecting are turning into shopping and shopping, and the bags that symbolize the “basket” have become an essential part of their health.

It’s like a man’s love for a car. He is good at hunting for the nature of hunting and the original division of labor, so that they have a special interest in car and speed. So, women love bags, men love cars, and the most fundamental reason is the “old ancestor”.

How much do you know about Chanel?

I know the bag as well, but I’m still learning the jewels. This time I flew to Paris to learn about the history and knowledge of Chanel’s senior jewels.

Which style is the most classic and the most valuable? What is really rare? I’ll share it with you today.

Speaking of Chanel, the first thing to think of is fashion. In fact, Ms. Chanel was also very fond of jewelry. Chanel’s first premium jewelry series has been around for more than 80 years.

In 1932, when the art of decoration was in vogue and Europe was in a depression, Ms. Chanel held a super luxury and dreamy high jewelry show at his own private home in Paris, Paris, St.

This exhibition is the only jewelry designed by Chanel when she was alive.

The series mostly uses the platinum diamond technology, the theme of the romantic and empty elements of comets, the sun, the fountain and so on. This is also the top jewelry designed by the first woman fashion designer.

Problems of low-priced bags

Your bag can’t be made of a whole fabric. There must be a nylon stitch. The work is done by the machine. The well – made bag should be neat, compact and uniform. There should be double seams to ensure that they are strong in the stressed area. This part of the car line shows the attitude of the manufacturer and the performance of the machine. You still give up the kind of work that is everywhere, with thread and twists and turns. No solid stitching will give you a fatal blow at a critical moment.

Only the system performance and workmanship can determine whether the bag is worth buying. It is obvious that the backpack system is very important to the whole bag. The backpack system is the skeleton of the package. The backload system seen on the market is from the simplest TT form of two flat aluminum to the more complex “BIGPACK” “TCS backloading system”, and the X type. The purpose of carrying the system is to distribute the weight reasonably and transmit most of the weight to the lower body which the body can best load. In order to do this, the system will have a certain structure and strength, except for the titanium alloy used in the top package almost all of the aluminum alloy.

The cheap bags are made of flat aluminum made of the cheapest aluminum alloy, the TT type backpack system. Choose the back system you need to pay attention to: first, the back system and your back of the fit, the ideal backloading system should be in line with the human body curve of the S (side). When you pack your bag, the bag should be completely attached to your back so that the weight can be reasonably distributed.

Select a cheap bag for landing

For economic reasons, many new people just like to fall in love with outdoor sports. They are in awe of thousands of Yuan bags and put their eyes on cheaper bags.

The high price and cheap outdoors are the targets of our friends, but the beauty and the low price are a pair of contradictions. For economic reasons, many new people just like to fall in love with outdoor sports and are in awe of thousands of Yuan bags, and they put their eyes on the more suitable bags. The price of this kind of bag is big. They are between 100 and 300 yuan. They are basically not brand names. There are many problems in quality and service.

Don’t expect to buy the same thing as a bag of more than 1,000 yuan for 200 yuan. The price usually reflects its value.

How to choose a winter bag

What kind of bags should I choose to match all kinds of coats in winter? Simple style is the most practical style, the classic black or white mainly, and any color of the winter coat collocation will not go wrong, when going out, such a bag really saves time and labor.

The black satchel uses the classic rhomboid pattern, which brings the fashionable beauty of the small fragrance, the moderate size, can carry all the useful gadgets with you, the shoulder strap adopts the cortex and the chain design, takes into account the comfort and fashion, matches the treasure blue coat to overshow the temperament.

What kind of bags should I choose to match all kinds of coats in winter? Simple style is the most practical style, the classic black or white mainly, and any color of the winter coat collocation will not go wrong, when going out, such a bag really saves time and effort, the following will recommend a few.

How to choose men’s Satchel

According to the different functions, men’s bags are generally divided into business bags, leisure bags, travel bags and other styles; leisure bags are mostly used for shopping, outing and vacation occasions. Follow the editor to see how to choose men’s bags.

And usually include cowhide, sheepskin, pig skin and other common materials and crocodile skin, snake skin, ostrich skin and other rare materials. No matter what kind of leather material, it has a good gloss and feel; no wonder all kinds of casual bags made of leather material are expensive.

In addition to leather material, canvas is the second largest material for making casual bags. Unlike leather, canvas is more lightweight and wearable, so it is easier to carry and handle everyday, and the surface of canvas bag can be printed with exquisite patterns to make the bag look more dynamic.

Find the balance between price and quality of bags

On important occasions such as gatherings and meetings, ladies can not drop a single bag every time. Determined to buy a good leather bag but encountered difficulties in the selection, only to see the brand selection if the price is too high, and only look at the price selection and feel that the quality is not good. Then, where is the reasonable equilibrium between price and quality? The following are the methods of selecting leather bags and the maintenance after purchase.

The skins that are stripped from animals are made from leather and hair, which are collectively referred to as leather. The skin peeled off the animal will decay in a short time, but the tanned cooked skin will not deteriorate and become water-resistant and heat-resistant leather. The leather is made mainly of cattle, sheep, goats and other mammals, but the leathers of reptiles such as ostrich and crocodile, lizard, snake and other reptiles are also used. Artificial leather, which is replaced by the cost of frugality, can also be used as a bag, but because of the harmful health of the chemicals and the problems of durability, it is not easy to use for a long time. Leather bags are selected from leather to detail design.

Selecting leather bags made of strictly inspected leather is more important than brand names. Most of the world’s famous leather leather has passed the strict environmental standards called “European chemical management system”, which is a healthy leather without carcinogens and environmental hormones. There are also some merchants to add the taste of high-grade leather, many brands made of cowhide crocodile tattoo bag, this time to pay attention to the depth between the lines.