Problems of low-priced bags

Your bag can’t be made of a whole fabric. There must be a nylon stitch. The work is done by the machine. The well – made bag should be neat, compact and uniform. There should be double seams to ensure that they are strong in the stressed area. This part of the car line shows the attitude of the manufacturer and the performance of the machine. You still give up the kind of work that is everywhere, with thread and twists and turns. No solid stitching will give you a fatal blow at a critical moment.

Only the system performance and workmanship can determine whether the bag is worth buying. It is obvious that the backpack system is very important to the whole bag. The backpack system is the skeleton of the package. The backload system seen on the market is from the simplest TT form of two flat aluminum to the more complex “BIGPACK” “TCS backloading system”, and the X type. The purpose of carrying the system is to distribute the weight reasonably and transmit most of the weight to the lower body which the body can best load. In order to do this, the system will have a certain structure and strength, except for the titanium alloy used in the top package almost all of the aluminum alloy.

The cheap bags are made of flat aluminum made of the cheapest aluminum alloy, the TT type backpack system. Choose the back system you need to pay attention to: first, the back system and your back of the fit, the ideal backloading system should be in line with the human body curve of the S (side). When you pack your bag, the bag should be completely attached to your back so that the weight can be reasonably distributed.

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