Bags are the most favorite stuff by women

At the end of May, when the luxury brands GUCCI (Gucci) and Burberry (Bo Baili) half off were sold, the two luxury stores were queued to see the Ji’nan women’s attitude to luxury brand bags. “From a fashion point of view, Jinan women’s attitude towards bags has also changed in recent years, from practicality to decoration, and young women pay more attention to the brand.” Liu Sha, color consultant of the Chinese fashion color association, said.

Five or six years ago, women bought a luxury bag or brand bag. The first thing to think about was not enough to install, but now more was considered to be able to wear clothes and more as an ornament. This is exactly the same with today’s fashion people’s Views: from the perspective of cost performance, bags are the most practical accessories.

So, for large bags, how many prices are women in Ji’nan? Liu Sha says, for the “white rich” class in Ji’nan, they love a big bag with a price of about 10 thousand to 40 thousand. Ji’nan women have different attitudes towards bags in different age groups. People aged 40-50 who can afford to buy big-name bags will not pursue that every bag is a big-name brand. They will choose one or two famous brands. After 85, after 90 “white rich beauty”, pay more attention to the brand and decoration of bags, economic capacity allows, will pursue each bag is a famous brand.

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