Women’s handbags are teemed with their charming style

It is not a exaggeration to say that this is a woman’s problem rather than a worldwide one. Throughout the fashion industry, several world-class brands can be achieved. In a large number of overseas consumer purchasing groups, bags have also become the biggest luxury consumption.

From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, it is explained that in the early primitive society, the division of labor between women and men was acquisition, while the division of labor between men was hunting. So the bag is an essential tool for women to collect. And psychologists say that a woman loves a bag, and the meaning of her subconscious may be a symbol of enhancing her sense of ownership and control.

If you ask a city white-collar woman, what is the first luxury item, most of the answers are: bag.

A girlfriend once told me, “the ultimate goal is to have one bag per year, at least one Hermes”.

For a lot of independent women, this is not a simple meaning to buy this sentence, but not to show their wealth through a bag, but more to show their own ability and independence, you can make money to buy bags, buy all kinds of luxury, live smart!

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