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Find the balance between price and quality of bags

On important occasions such as gatherings and meetings, ladies can not drop a single bag every time. Determined to buy a good leather bag but encountered difficulties in the selection, only to see the brand selection if the price is too high, and only look at the price selection and feel that the quality is not good. Then, where is the reasonable equilibrium between price and quality? The following are the methods of selecting leather bags and the maintenance after purchase.

The skins that are stripped from animals are made from leather and hair, which are collectively referred to as leather. The skin peeled off the animal will decay in a short time, but the tanned cooked skin will not deteriorate and become water-resistant and heat-resistant leather. The leather is made mainly of cattle, sheep, goats and other mammals, but the leathers of reptiles such as ostrich and crocodile, lizard, snake and other reptiles are also used. Artificial leather, which is replaced by the cost of frugality, can also be used as a bag, but because of the harmful health of the chemicals and the problems of durability, it is not easy to use for a long time. Leather bags are selected from leather to detail design.

Selecting leather bags made of strictly inspected leather is more important than brand names. Most of the world’s famous leather leather has passed the strict environmental standards called “European chemical management system”, which is a healthy leather without carcinogens and environmental hormones. There are also some merchants to add the taste of high-grade leather, many brands made of cowhide crocodile tattoo bag, this time to pay attention to the depth between the lines.