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How much do you know about Chanel?

I know the bag as well, but I’m still learning the jewels. This time I flew to Paris to learn about the history and knowledge of Chanel’s senior jewels.

Which style is the most classic and the most valuable? What is really rare? I’ll share it with you today.

Speaking of Chanel, the first thing to think of is fashion. In fact, Ms. Chanel was also very fond of jewelry. Chanel’s first premium jewelry series has been around for more than 80 years.

In 1932, when the art of decoration was in vogue and Europe was in a depression, Ms. Chanel held a super luxury and dreamy high jewelry show at his own private home in Paris, Paris, St.

This exhibition is the only jewelry designed by Chanel when she was alive.

The series mostly uses the platinum diamond technology, the theme of the romantic and empty elements of comets, the sun, the fountain and so on. This is also the top jewelry designed by the first woman fashion designer.