To be a craftsman of repairing luxury bags

“Bags are so important to women, so we want to be a happy craftsman, starting with our beloved bag.” Embracing the feelings of a craftsman, the post-80s generation and several colleagues resigned from the dazzling Internet business and began their entrepreneurial life with Bao.

“Because we want to use the hearts of the craftsmen to repair each bag, so the studio named Bao Zheng, to rescue the meaning of the bag.” Perhaps it’s the reason why you’ve been in the open Internet industry. You’re not as old and proud as a partner. You’re more frank and funny. In the early stage of business, where to find customers is a difficult problem. Because many people don’t know that bags can be repaired, or even though they have thought about repairing, they are scared away by the thousands of dollars of nursing fees in high-end shopping malls. “After a survey in the circle of friends, we removed the package from the definition of luxury goods, from 800 to two thousand or three thousand yuan in the mid-range bag, even the non – big but special emotional value to the owner of the bag, can spend two hundred or three hundred yuan to make it new.”

Soon, the bag that needs to be saved will come to the wind. After 10 months of opening, the originally spacious studio has been stuffed with all kinds of story bags. “The problem now is that customer demand has far exceeded our ability to receive orders.”

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